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10/21/2013: Tidewater Transit and MCO Transport Named 2013 Volvo Trucks Safety Award Winner


Tidewater Transit Co., Inc. of Kinston, N.C. ( won the Volvo Trucks Safety Award in the over 20 million miles category. Family-owned and operated since 1949, Tidewater Transit operates 360 trucks throughout the eastern seaboard and gulf areas. The company primarily hauls dry and liquid materials – everything from sulfuric acid to plastic pellets. In 2012, Tidewater Transit recorded an accident frequency rate of just .25 while logging 31,649,340 miles on the road. Tidewater Transit puts its new drivers through a “Top Gun” program, which pairs new hires with a Top Gun trainer, a hand-picked driver who oversees the full training of the new driver and ensures they have the knowledge and skills needed to operate on the road. Additionally, Tidewater Transit recognizes safe drivers with a quarterly cash bonus program, which includes presentation of certificates and plaques during company events when families are in attendance. “Safety goes to the very core of what we do. We have to be safe in this industry,” said John McNairy, Tidewater Transit chairman and CEO. “We are so humbled and proud to be winners of the 2013 Volvo Trucks Safety Award.”

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